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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

December 23, 9:53 AM click here to comment > 0

What are you working on? Meet our City Arborist

On one of the last sunny days of the year, we got a chance to tour a new Columbian Way tree planting project with Seattle’s City Arborist, Nolan Rundquist. The tree planting was a community project, with dozens of volunteers working to plant more than 100 young trees.

Nolan was recently named Municipal Arborist of 2010 by the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Horticulturists. He says credit is due to a great team and support from a tree-loving city. Since the Bridging the Gap levy was passed in 2006, Nolan and his team have been able to use that funding to plant more than 800 new trees every year.

Nolan is also proud of the work his team has done to increase tree canopy in low-income neighborhoods. “Trees can be a low priority for people who are struggling just to make ends meet. People who don’t have the time or money to plant their own trees still deserve the benefits trees bring to their neighborhood. We are working to get trees planted all over the city, but southeast Seattle and other areas with fewer trees are a big area of focus for us.”

The tree team is planning a volunteer tree planting event for Arbor Day, in conjunction with Seattle Children’s Theatre and their upcoming production of The Man Who Planted Trees. Stay tuned at their website for more details about how to get involved.

“What I love about my job is that if you pick the right trees and make the right choices, you can improve quality of life for everyone in a neighborhood for generations.”

Posted by: Words: April Thomas Pictures: Jen Nance