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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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The Reader – 20 police reforms for the next 20 months

From the Office of Mayor Mike McGinn
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SPD 20/20: 20 police reforms for the next 20 months
Last week, Mayor McGinn announced 20 new initiatives to be completed over the next 20 months. These reforms go far beyond a response to the Department of Justice report. They will also increase the safety of our communities while improving the effectiveness of the police department at preventing and controlling crime.

We believe these 20 initiatives will help build a great police department that is professional, accountable, effective, and fair. They fall into the following categories: Protecting Constitutional Rights, Training for Seattle’s Values, Earning Public Trust, Using Data-Driven Practices and Partnering With the Public. Under each of the 20 initiatives, there are numerous action steps – at least 150 in total – that we will or already take to increase the safety of our communities while improving the effectiveness of the police department at preventing and controlling crime.

We invite you to learn more about these 20 initiatives by reading the mayor’s blog or watching the announcement.

Moving forward on the arena proposal – starting with a traffic study
Last night the Arena Review Panel adopted its final report on the proposed arena. Based on their review, the Panel believes that the proposal is favorable, has promise, and is generally consistent with the principles set forth by the Mayor and County Executive; however, there are many important issues to be worked through to ensure these principles are met and to address other issues of importance to the community. The Panel found that the proposal warrants the serious consideration of the City and County policy makers. You can read the full report at

We’re moving forward on the proposal. Today we announced that Chris Hansen, lead investor in the proposed arena, has commissioned an immediate feasibility study of multimodal transportation access and parking in Seattle’s Stadium District. While the study will be conducted in collaboration with the Seattle and King County Departments of Transportation, Hansen will assume financial responsibility for its completion. Hansen announced the study in a letter to McGinn and Constantine on Wednesday evening. Hansen’s letter can be found at

Connecting Seattle to New Opportunities in Chongqing
Last week Mayor McGinn returned from Chongqing and Beijing, where he joined a delegation of over 50 business and community leaders from Seattle to meet with companies and school officials to discuss areas of mutual cooperation. The trip, which was funded by the Trade Development Alliance and the City of Chongqing, focused on helping create new opportunities for Seattle residents in green innovation and education in one of the world’s fastest growing cities.

For more, see the mayor’s blog post.

Seattle Youth Commission and Youth Town Hall
Applications for the Seattle Youth Commission are now online at and are due by April 13th. The Youth Commission is comprised of 25 teenagers from across the city who bring youth voice to local government by working on local policy issues and advising the Mayor and City Council.

This year’s Youth Commission will also be hosting its annual Youth Town Hall on Saturday, April 7th from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm here at City Hall (601 5th Ave). It’ll be a great opportunity for interested youth to meet some of this year’s commissioners and ask questions of Mayor Mike McGinn, Council President Sally Clark, and Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw, Tom Rasmussen, Nick Licata, and Tim Burgess.

Bill protecting breastfeeding women headed to Council
Since 2009, state law has protected women’s right to breastfeed their children in public places such as parks, buses, restaurants, and shopping centers. Unfortunately, this law is not always respected. We’ve heard from women who have tried to exercise their right to breastfeed and have been told they could not do so – some have been asked to leave a public place, or been told to go to an unsanitary location.

The state does not have the resources they need to enforce this law. Women don’t have a good place to go to ensure their rights are respected and that the law is enforced. So we’re stepping in to help. With an ordinance currently being considered by the City Council, the Seattle Office of Civil Rights will have the power to enforce the rules protecting a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

Upcoming Events (for more see

April 7: 10:30 a.m. – Youth Town Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room, City Hall (601 5th Ave)

April 10: 6:00 p.m. – City Neighborhood Council Neighborhood Matching Fund Committee, Uptown Espresso (2504 4th Ave)

April 16: 12:00 p.m. – City Neighborhood Council Transportation Committee, Seattle Municipal Tower Room 4086 (700 5th Ave)

April 19: Neighborhood Matching Fund: Large Projects Fund Workshop, Seattle Public Library: Douglass-Truth Branch (2300 E Yesler Way)

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Posted by: Nathaniel Merrill