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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

February 22, 4:58 PM click here to comment > 0

Safe Routes to School VISTA position in Southeast Seattle

How did you get to school when you were growing up? Did you walk (uphill both ways)? Growing up in the Spokane Valley, I mostly walked to school with my older sister and brother. I remember every step of the way to and from school–which kids lived on the route, different trees, fields, houses, people, sidewalks, streets, and a lot more.

Getting to school can be tougher for kids in Seattle. It’s not always an easy journey. Barriers to getting to school sometimes include having to take care of a family member, transportation problems, or other issues that can make it hard to get to school safely and on time.

Because how much school you miss correlates directly to how successful you’ll be later in school and in life, we created the Be Here, Get There campaign to increase attendance in Seattle Public Schools.

We heard from Aki Kurose Middle School that transportation was one of the reasons that their students miss school. In order to help the community address this problem, the Mayor’s Office and the Seattle Department of Transportation have been able to secure a VISTA volunteer position to help kids get to and from school in a safe and active way — following a Safe Routes to School model.

This position is a year-long opportunity, and we hope that you or someone you know is a great fit and has passion for work like this. In addition to Aki Kurose, partnerships and collaboration will also occur with other Southeast Seattle Schools.

See the full job description and take note that applications are due February 29th.

Please share this opportunity far and wide!

Photo by: Jen Nance

Posted by: Rebecca Deehr