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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

September 4, 3:23 PM click here to comment > 2

Mayor proposes $14.8 million in new road safety investments near schools

Mayor Mike McGinn today announced substantial new investments for road safety at Seattle-area schools. $14.8 million in revenue collected through the City’s school zone speed cameras will be re-invested in safety improvements at schools across Seattle over the next two years. This will include improvements like new sidewalks, improved street crossings, and traffic calming at more than 20 schools as well as expanded education and encouragement programs to increase safety for students.BEFORE

South Orcas Street before revision


South Orcas Street after revision

“Keeping children safe as they travel to and from school, as well as throughout their neighborhood, is a top priority,” said McGinn. “This substantial new investment will help us make lasting improvements and encourage everyone to be safe on our roads.”

This effort is part of the School Road Safety Initiative launched earlier this year. This initiative is being advised by a School Road Safety Task Force and Interagency Team, made up of residents and members of school communities throughout the city, Seattle Public Schools, representatives of Public Health – Seattle & King County, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Safe Kids Seattle, Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center, members of the Seattle Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Boards, and non-profit leaders such as Feet First, Cascade Bicycle Club, Bike Works, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition.

“Safety is SDOT’s number one priority, as stated in our 2012-2013 Action Agenda. We are committed to improving safety for all users of the transportation system.  I am pleased that the school camera enforcement program will enable us to invest in significant improvements around schools and throughout the city,” said Peter Hahn, Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation.

The first school zone speed cameras were installed near four schools in November 2012. Between December 2012 and April 2013 citations fell by 16 percent overall at those locations. 15 school zone speed cameras will be installed by the end of 2014. Revenues from these cameras will be used to fund safety improvements and road safety education efforts near schools.

The City estimates $14.8 million in revenue will be generated by these cameras by the end of 2014. To date in 2013, an estimated $2.9 million has been appropriated for road safety education, operations, and infrastructure. An additional $3.3 million is proposed as part of a 3rd Quarter supplemental budget request. The Mayor will include $8.6 million for school safety investments, including capital infrastructure, operations and maintenance in his proposed 2014 budget. Safety improvements will be constructed in 2014 and 2015, while education efforts will be ongoing.

“How exciting! Money to support safer streets for the most vulnerable people in our communities — our children! We are delighted and strongly support Seattle’s new School Road Safety investments,” said Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.

“Parents are less likely to allow their children to walk to school if the neighborhood lacks sidewalks or crossings that feel safe,” said Lisa Quinn, Executive Director of Feet First. “This substantial road safety investment supports walking routes to school, safety education, school zone traffic enforcement, and more. Together, these improvements make the healthy choice the easy choice.”

A School Road Safety Plan will be completed next year. This plan will guide future investments for infrastructure, review best practices for school road safety for engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement, and for evaluation. It will look at funding and implementation strategies for safe routes to school, develop safety education and encouragement curriculum, evaluate all existing school zones and walking routes, develop prioritization criteria for future improvements, and more.

This work is part of Road Safety Action Plan and the Be Super Safe campaign launched in 2012. For more information, see  

Posted by: April Thomas


Comment from cc conklin
Time September 11, 2013 at 9:09 pm

$14.8 million for sidewalk and road improvements around schools, why not donate half a million to each school for teachers, books, special academies, hot lunches, sports and music programs. The kids are getting to school, they need to be educated! I can see it now a new bike path to the schools who cares about education when the students have a fancy bike path that will only be used a couple months of the year.

Comment from Cathleen Burkett
Time September 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Keep it simple would be my choice for sidewalks. Northwest of 85th needs sidewalks to keep children and adults safe from street traffic. It has been promised for many years. Now is the time for it to happen.