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  1. Molli
    Sep 30 - 2:26 pm

    I am a Certified type 04 teacher from Chicago. When I moved here I was told by that you do not have to be a certified teacher to teach preschool. That is not the case in Chicago. Early Childhood Educators specialize in ages Birth to 3rd grade. Here in Washington the Elementary Teacher is K-8. My question is who will be teaching these preschoolers? Nation wide there is a push for Early Learning due to the research obtained about the developmental growth of children between the ages of 3-5. I think Preschool for all is wonderful, I am just hoping there will be certified early childhood teachers teaching in those classrooms.

  2. Jennifer
    Oct 30 - 4:44 pm

    I agree with Molli that we need to develop and enforce a higher standard for who is allowed to be a preschool teacher. I think that we have made some headway on this and the new Early Achievers/QRIS system being developed by Washington State Department of Early Learning is helpful. Many preschool teachers in our state do have BAs or higher in child development, education or related degrees. Most of these teachers are earning well below the median income and as an early childhood administrator I earn less than most public school teachers. My small program has lost many qualified teachers to the public schools due to wages and benefits even though my program pays an above average wage with benefits. The wage disparity is not due to employers pocketing profits at the expense of teachers though. I support the effort to work with existing programs to build a universal preschool system, but who is going to be responsible for improving wages and benefits for these teachers. If programs are saddled with this cost it will get pushed onto already overburdened families, and some programs will go under. I believe most early childhood professionals whole heart-idly support a universal preschool system, but we are hoping that the city will open a dialogue with existing providers and give us a real voice in how this plan takes shape. There is potential for many mistakes, set backs, and resistance if existing programs are not given a voice in shaping this plan.

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