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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

Mayor announces changes to SPD recruitment policy

Mayor Mike McGinn today announced that as part of SPD 20/20: A Vision for the Future, new recruitment policies and outreach strategies have been adopted to encourage more diversity among Seattle Police Department officers.Recruiting6sm

“When we announced SPD 20/20, we promised to do everything possible to make sure we’re recruiting new officers for our police force who reflect the diversity and values of the community they serve” said Mayor McGinn. “We project that in the next 5 years we will hire more than 300 police officers to replace officers who will be completing their careers. We are determined to make the most of this opportunity to shape the police department of the future.”

The mayor also announced the next round of testing for new officers – the test will be conducted on July 13, with enrollment opening May 6. Interested applicants can attend a workshop tonight at the Filipino Community of Seattle from 5:30-7:30. More information can be found on community workshops at SPD’s new recruitment website

“SPD is in a period of transition. It is essential that as we move forward with implementing the Settlement Agreement and charting a new path for SPD’s future, we recruit candidates who are ready and willing to make that transition with us” said Deputy Chief Dick Reed. “We’re looking for men and women who are committed to serving their community, and we’ll do everything we can to support their success in the application process.”

Policy changes and initiatives affecting recruitment include:

  • Elimination of $25 application fee
  • Partnerships with community-based organizations including Atlantic Street Center, Filipino Community of Seattle and El Centro De La Raza
  • Community based workshops to prepare candidates for testing
  • New advertising and recruitment materials based on community input
  • Changes to the minimum hiring standards policy including:
    • Marijuana policy has been updated to require that new hires have not used marijuana in the past year, rather than fewer than 25 times overall
    • Elimination of some clauses under Traffic Record that may have unnecessarily disqualified applicants
    • Changes in Professional Appearances standards regarding tattoos, scarification, and elimination of the policy regarding dental ornamentation. Tattoos and scarification will now be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • Additional context included for applicants: during the background investigation process SPD is interested in learning greater detail about challenges applicants may have faced, as well as the lessons the applicant has learned and the changes the applicant has made as a result. This context will be included in the review process
    • Strategic ethnic media advertising plan in partnership with the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs
    • Full redesign of website designed to make application process more accessible
    • Recruitment outreach through social media

“I’m proud to have been a part of this effort” said community leader Kip Tokuda. “SPD needs diverse perspectives to be able to police effectively and build bridges with the community. These changes will bring more diversity and connection with the communities they serve to the SPD.”

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Posted by: April Thomas


Comment from irrelevent1
Time June 26, 2013 at 2:40 pm

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Comment from john
Time July 12, 2013 at 9:11 am

Last night at 8:47 p.m. approximately, there was a women and her toddler hanging at the Westlake childrens park and she had to call the cops due to the Crips who take over that park every god forsaken day. The Crips had a Sign held by one of their female employees that said “I got Good Kush” weed..A few minutes later the leader (all high as can be) changed the sign and was Literally holding it infront of where the cop car dash camera could see it . the sign said ” I got Bad ass bitches ” f*ck with me ( Inquire with me).. He was selling women in the park..We neeed better protectors and better prosecutors and not so cowardice judges who look for loopholes that let hardened criminal continue to conduct warfare on women. Selling Women in Westlake. And the cops cant do anything>Yet cops can ticket you for being 2 minutes over the 2 hour limit. But , you can sell prostitutes and drugs in Westlake cuz the cops are to stupid or not trained for anything other than kicking people out of their homes as favor to banks and landlords but cant stop the drug prostitute implosion cuz their over 18 and scared to say the bullies wont let them live in peace. Cops will Mess with activists cuz they got the internet monitored but they cant stop 80 drug dealing innocent stealers cuz they aren’t trained to shutdown the open drug market only ticketing speeders . #Replace the Acting chief with Gang Task force leaders and make the cowards in the police forced messing with activists and parking violators go after the Open air Drug markets that sell everything that’s detrimental to the well being.INTERROGATE THE LOW LEVEL PUSHERS < FIND OUT WHERE ALL THE CRACK < HEROIN< IMPROPER GROWN WEED< PROSTITUTES<PILLS <ECSTASY <Diseased Prostitutes Are.Seattle is unsafe and the cops are more concerned about long career of inflated overtime for everything other than stopping Real crime.Take a look at the police camera. When the cop went to help the woman and her toddler in the chidrens play area that crips were already in control of the park..there was about 5 white CHILDREN under the influence of the crips advertising prostitutes and drugs…Seattle is not safe.Make it safe.INterrogate every low level hood. they will inform as to who where and when the drugs are moved shipped consolidated and distributed.Stop being overly nice to drug pushers.YOu see them every god forsaken day. and you see the homeless children amidst the pushers and pimps growing up in an evil environment with no social services only salaries that stop helping people at 5 p.m. #Revolting

Comment from john
Time July 12, 2013 at 9:22 am

Open air drug market and prostitutes being advertised by local crips in Westlake.The crips were advertising with a big billboard sign they got “bad ass bitches and drugs. right on the sign while standing right in front of the cop car who was responding to a woman and her toddler concerns about the lack of safety due to copsNEver Aressting the open air drug marketers only grabbing 1 out of 20 while the rest are allowed to go cuz the cop thinks he can convince them to walk the straight and narrow , cuz that’s what the cop would do if messed up and got a second chance, These pushers don’t want any other opportunity than to sell women and drugs and the cops wont go after them cuz their to low level…yet parking enforcement to generate more money from an inherent city state sugar coats the safety factors and allows for implosion..Deleting the information about drug pushers and pimps in Westlake only means that the leaders would rather lie and act like its safer cuz there isn’t more reports in the data base cuz the cops keep starting over with those known to sell …WHat about all the investigations that get shelved while the same people for over 5 years still bangin..#GangTaskForce #NoMOreParkingEnforcersOrExpensiveWHeelsToPoliceParkedCars. #RightToBearArms.#TImeToTakeMattersINtoOUrOwnHands. COps would rather make us all accept a less than noble fate cuz criminals are sympathized with by liberals who cowar daily amidst the Babylonian bullies of seattle…