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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

February 3, 2:32 PM click here to comment > 1

Gimme Shelter: A Benefit Concert to End Homelessness

Tonight the mayor will speak at Gimme Shelter: A Benefit Concert to End Homelessness, with The Dusty 45s, The Maldives, Lazy Susan, The Young Evils, Betsy Olson, Davidson Hart Kingsbery, and The Purrs.

The Maldives playing at the Out to Lunch summer concert series

Gimme Shelter is a tribute to Billy Joe Huels’ (of The Dusty 45s) brother Matt, who with the help and support of the Downtown Emergency Service Center, has overcome homelessness and is now able to manage his mental illness. Today Matt and nearly 1,000 other previously homeless members of our community are living stable, productive lives through DESC’s programs of permanent homes, on-sight support, clinical care, meals, and job training.

The show begins at 8 PM tonight at the Showbox at the Market and all proceeds benefit DESC.

Tickets are still on sale. Hope to see you there!

Photo by: April Thomas

Posted by: April Thomas


Comment from Marion Louise
Time February 15, 2012 at 10:05 pm

We are headed for a huge increase in the homeless population. The service providers within all sectors of social services, particularly within HSD of City of Seattle are constantly faced with barriers preventing them from being the effective force history has shown, that force for creating a safety net for the vulnerable, low income and disabled citizens. With the constant pressure placed by legislative decision makers and other leaders of city government regarding budget cuts and demanding more administrative reporting, and documentation required for the state and our mayor’s influence making drastic changes within city government, results in creating unsurmountable barriers to our very life force, the social workers/case managers/counselors who advocate for the safety and health of the vulnerable low income adults. these employees are the strength of committment to our City’s publicly proclaimed fight on ending homelessness. Hoever, their effectiveness is diminished exponentially as the results of these changes, changes causing more homelessness, more health issues for the vulnerable adults and the employees in social service who advocate for them. We are losing the greatest asset our City has, the one that our nation has looked to as an exemplary example of the gold star standard of support for our citizens.