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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

October 20, 11:45 AM click here to comment > 1

Fair wages and good benefits for grocery workers

I have received notice that due to the failure of management to reach an agreement with grocery workers, there is the potential for a strike on Monday night affecting Albertsons, Fred Meyer, QFC and Safeway supermarkets in Seattle.

Grocery workers include Seattleites young and old, from a variety of backgrounds. Many of them are supporting their families with the wages they earn. Grocery workers deserve a fair wage and good benefits that will allow them to share in our prosperity. I hope both sides can quickly reach an agreement that supports these goals.

Now is a good time for Seattle residents to familiarize yourselves with alternative options. I fully intend to honor the picket lines, and hope you will do so as well. If you do not wish to cross a picket line once a strike begins, you can shop at the following union alternatives:

A & J Meats (Queen Anne) 2401 Queen Anne Ave N
Ballard Market – 1400 NW 56th
Bert’s Red Apple (Madison) 1801 – 41st Ave. E
Central Co-Op (Capitol Hill) 1600 E Madison
Central Market (Shoreline) 15505 Westminster Way N
Don & Joe’s Market (Downtown) 85 Pike Place
Hilltop Red Apple (Beacon Hill) 2701 Beacon Ave S
Metropolitan Market (Admiral) 2320 – 42nd Ave. SW
Metropolitan Market (Magnolia) 3830 – 34th Ave. W
Metropolitan Market (Queen Anne) 100 Mercer St
Metropolitan Market (Sand Point) 5250 – 40th Ave. NE
PCC (Fremont) 716 N 34th St
PCC (Greenlake) 7504 Aurora Ave N
PCC (Seward Park) 5041 Wilson Ave S
PCC (View Ridge) 6514 – 40th Ave. NE
PCC (West Seattle) 2749 California Ave. SW
Promenade Red Apple (Central District) 2301 S Jackson St
Saar’s (Rainier) 9000 Rainier Ave. S
Saar’s (White Center) 10616 – 16th Ave. SW
Thriftway (West Seattle) 4201 SW Morgan St
Unified Grocers (South Seattle) 3301 S Norfolk St
Uwajimaya (Int’l District) 519 – 6th Ave. S

Seniors and others who will need prescriptions filled may also wish to transfer their prescriptions to one of the following union alternative pharmacies to ensure you will not have any interruption in your medication:

Ballard Plaza Pharmacy – 1801 NW Market St
Ballard Market – 1400 NW 56th
Bartell’s (all Seattle locations)
Lafferty’s Pharmacy (Ballard) 5312 – 17th Ave NW
Rite Aid (all Seattle locations)
Sand Point Pharmacy – 5400 Sand Point Way NE
White Center Pharmacy – 9601 – 16th Ave SW

Again, I hope both sides can quickly reach an agreement that avoids a strike and offers fair wages and benefits to our grocery workers.

Posted by: Mayor Mike McGinn


Comment from Charlie
Time October 21, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Thank you!