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  1. Julie Coryell
    Dec 16 - 8:09 pm

    With the demise of oyster breeding off SE coast of WA due to ocean acidification, how can we host 18 coal trains a day fueling Chinese power plants whose acid rain and soot particles blowback on us months later? Somewhere we have to understand L O N G-term damages to fossil-fuel dependence and address TRUE irretrievable COSTS.

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  3. Dawn Hardin
    Dec 22 - 3:19 am

    Why doesn’t the city take the POV car drivers to task for their environmental impact on the city’s abilities to meet ambitious cap goals? Make car drivers buy an effluent discharge permit for their vehicles to be in this city-that way a city utility can build an effective system to clean up the stormwater that drains into the Sound. Also, make car drivers pay for all parking of vehicles on public property (residential streets). The cars are privately owned, the city belongs to the public-why allow city space to subsidize car drivers in neighborhoods? We need transit and water garden grids for Seattle, not a future of car pollution and gridlock.

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