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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

June 30, 1:16 PM click here to comment > 1

City becomes a founding member of the Seattle 2030 District

We know that climate change is coming. We know we don’t have any time to spare. And we know that government can’t solve this problem alone. Businesses, property owners, families, non-profits and government have to work together to make sure Seattle is prepared for the future.

But it’s not just a challenge – it’s also an opportunity. As we transform our built environment and make the right choices to prepare for the future, we can create new green jobs and save money for businesses through energy efficiency. Most importantly, we can make Seattle a leader in new technologies and sustainable practices that will be adopted all over the world. We can be the leaders of a new green economy – but we have to start now.

One area Seattle already leads in is energy efficiency. City government is leading the way passing the Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, which requires commercial and multifamily buildings to measure and report their energy use.  Another way is through developing the Community Power Works program, which is helping residents and businesses complete energy upgrades of their buildings in Central and Southeast Seattle.

Business and property owners are also stepping up to the challenge with efforts like the new Seattle 2030 District. The Seattle 2030 District is an effort of more than 40 civic leaders—building owners and professionals, utilities, City of Seattle, and King County—to become the first large-scale, high performance building district in the country. The 2030 District has set aggressive reduction goals for building energy use, water use and greenhouse gases from transportation, and members have agreed to work together to ensure the District meets those goals.  It’s a model of the type of public-private collaboration that will save energy and generate local economic activity.

Yesterday Mayor McGinn and all nine Council Members signed a letter joining the Seattle 2030 District as a founding member. The City has supported the District since its inception, including helping them secure a Climate Showcase Communities grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency. As a founding member, the City will continue its active role in the 2030 District by providing administrative support, helping to streamline permitting services, making connections to City resources, investing in the efficiency of its own buildings and aligning policies to advance the District’s goals.

In his State of the City address Mayor McGinn announced he would accept President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge to increase the energy efficiency of commercial buildings 20% by 2020. The Seattle 2030 District will help us meet the challenge.

The Mayor and Council look forward to working with the District to make the business case for sustainability by creating on-the-ground examples that show high performance buildings are the most profitable buildings in Seattle. Seattle will be better prepared for the climate challenges to come because of the work we’re doing now, and what we learn from the District’s work will help us create a more attractive climate for businesses large and small.

Posted by: April Thomas


Comment from RJ
Time September 7, 2011 at 9:50 am

Seattle is leading the way among larger Cities in going green with LED.
Kardings would like to help all of Washington’s cities and towns go green with LED Street/Traffic light retro fitting. We offer full lease to own , no added out of pocket cost and we subsidize meaning we will issue your town a check when you sign a contract to change to LED.