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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
This website is for archival purposes only, and is no longer updated.

City of Seattle

Archive for 'Race and Social Justice'

Supported Employment program wins Governor’s “Employer of the Year” award

Word is spreading about the City of Seattle’s innovative and effective Supportive Employment program, which employs 80 people with developmental disabilities working across 17 different City departments, including the mayor’s office. The program bundles small tasks and entry-level duties in various departments into full and part-time positions for people with developmental disabilities. Thanks to the hard work […]


Mayor outlines plan to bring Preschool for All to Seattle

Today Mayor McGinn announced funding for the next steps to develop Preschool for All in Seattle, following through on his commitment first announced in January. The 2014 Proposed Budget also includes $500,000 in additional funding to expand the early learning programs that will serve as the building blocks of Preschool for All. McGinn’s 2014 Proposed […]


Mayor announces funding to support Center City Initiative

The Center City Initiative has brought together residents, business owners, social service providers, advocates and multiple agency representatives to develop a balanced, compassionate and effective approach to helping those in need, increasing the sense of safety and security downtown, and improving enforcement of existing laws. Mayor Mike McGinn is today announcing new investments in the […]


Mayor announces new investment in Gender Justice Initiative

Today Mayor Mike McGinn announced a $1.5 million reserve to fund future recommendations made by the Gender Equity in Pay Taskforce and help equalize the City of Seattle’s gender pay deficit. “Gender disparity in pay is a real issue for the City,” said Mayor McGinn. “That’s why we launched a Gender Equity in Pay Task […]


New initiatives to support immigrant communities

Today Mayor Mike McGinn announced several new efforts to support immigrant and refugee communities in Seattle, including the creation of an Immigrant Voting Rights Taskforce. The taskforce, comprised of community leaders, academics and attorneys, will be tasked with making Seattle more voter-friendly for the more than 100,000 Seattle residents who are foreign-born. “This taskforce will […]


Good news for LGBTQ City employees

Last week the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that all same-sex married couples will receive equal treatment under the tax code, regardless of whether their marriage is recognized in the state they reside in. This is great news for married couples in our community who have shouldered significant […]


City to provide free drop-in activities at community centers for some Seattle public school students in event of school strike

The City of Seattle today announced it will open and staff drop-in activities at 20 designated community centers for Seattle Public Schools students on free and reduced lunch from Kindergarten to 8th Grade if a strike delays the opening of Seattle Public Schools. The free program will operate from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. beginning […]


Commemorating the 1963 March on Washington

On August 28, 1963, hundreds of thousands of Americans stood together on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to demand that all people be given justice and equality in jobs and pay, in businesses establishments and housing, in education, and in all things our society has to offer. Today we commemorate the 50th anniversary of […]


When banking with public dollars, let’s hold ourselves to a higher standard

In the wake of a financial crisis that cost hundreds of millions of Americans their homes and livelihoods, many consumers have taken a close look at the values of the financial institutions that represent them. The City of Seattle, with $1.1 billion in aggregated deposits, is a very large consumer; it’s important that we work […]


Mayor announces new college course to recruit and prepare applicants for the Seattle police exam

Today Mayor Mike McGinn and Seattle Central Community College president Dr. Paul T. Killpatrick announced a new partnership between the Seattle Police Department and Seattle Central Community College to offer a free five-credit course entitled “Introduction to Community Policing.” The course will cover basic policing skills with an emphasis on collaborating with the community, as […]