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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

July 10, 4:52 PM click here to comment > 5

Captain Dermody updates the public on summer public safety plans in the West Precinct

Every neighborhood in Seattle faces different challenges. This is particularly true in the realm of public safety. What works in one community won’t work in another. That’s why it’s so important that we talk directly with community members to make sure what we’re doing is effective in each neighborhood, and why we use data analysis to identify trends and hot spots as soon as they arise.

This week and next, Mayor McGinn will be visiting each precinct in Seattle to tour neighborhood hot spots and talk with precinct commanders about what they’re doing to prepare for the summer months, which are traditionally accompanied by a rise in 911 calls. Today we visited the West Precinct and talked with Captain Jim Dermody about his plans to combat violent crime and help residents feel safer in their neighborhoods.

Captain Dermody talked about his work on our Center City Initiative, a plan to make downtown Seattle streets more safe, inviting and vibrant. Captain Dermody has been working through the CCI to bring local businesses together with City departments, including SPD, to make sure the concerns of our businesses are being heard and have what they need to succeed.

He also talked about his efforts to emphasize data usage and hot spot policing. Captain Dermody has been leading the West Precinct for only a matter of weeks, and one of his first steps was to double the precinct’s crime analysis capacity and bring in an extra detective to analyze trends and identify hot spots. They identified four major spots in West Precinct to focus on, and Captain Dermody has ordered “directed patrols” for those areas.

Directed patrols involve bringing together a number of tactics we’ve used in the past into a cohesive whole. We know that random car patrols are not an effective use of resources, but we also know that officers responding to 911 calls need the geographic flexibility a vehicle provides. With directed patrols, officers use their cars, but are directed to park in hot spot areas in between 911 calls and make face to face contact with business owners and residents to make sure all officers are dialed in to what’s going on in the neighborhood on a day-to-day basis. The visible presence of officers who would otherwise be patrolling in their vehicles also serves as a deterrent to crime. We’ve also emphasized foot and bike patrols in these areas.

Already we’ve heard great feedback from neighborhood residents and businesses on the effectiveness of our directed patrols. And we’ve seen dramatic reductions in volume of 911 calls in the hot spot areas we’re focusing on.

Captain Dermody also offered an update on our Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program, which is a new pilot project this year in Belltown only. He reported that SPD is hearing great stories about people who have been through the LEAD program now attending job training classes and getting treatment for drug addiction. Offering treatment as an alternative to incarceration seems to be paying off in reducing street disorder.

We’ll be visiting each precinct in the next week to find out more about what precinct commanders are doing to prepare for the summer months. Stay tuned on our blog for more on the state of public safety in your neighborhood.

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Posted by: Words: April Thomas, Pictures: Jen Nance


Comment from harriet benjamin
Time July 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm

I truly think it is a mistake to not have all precints open with a offficer on duty. The first thing I was taught was if someone was followng me to go to the nearest police station.In Seattle I would find the doors locked most of the time. It would also be a positive interaction with the community.

Comment from david haines
Time September 11, 2012 at 11:47 am

Why is it that steinbrueck park is an open drug market??? We get Parking tickets,we get tickets for selling t shirts unauthorized . But, drug pushers who fuel violence get a pass cuz they are just pushing LowGrade Marijuana right in the park..The same PUshers are in the park Right now ,sitting on corner table next to left Totem pole.There is over 10 people holding court .The african with the long dreads with glasses about 6’5″ is the supplier to whole park.He has latinos,Natives,and white who are men and women selling his weed.I pointed him out To 3 bike cops a few weeks ago who did nothing,after he pulled a knife,then i called 911.Yet,He is ther and i cant go to park cuz he pays people with drugs to jump people..I notice your safety initiatives only show force then rotate out ..This does not deter hardened drug pushers ,even low level ones who fuel the rise of the underworld…I could point them out again but cops always want to show up and scare everyone then leave .this only delays a drug sale for 5 minutes…they (drugPushers)rule the park .You dont, and niether do the cops..and the familes who put up with it as they enter and leave park quikly never report it .Seattle is a second rate city with liberals who think we are more progressive cuz we put up with drug if it helps the housing market when they make money to pay the fuedal landlord…Show of force is a joke…arresting 1 out of 20 has already proven that it doesnt deter any of the others..

Comment from irrelevent
Time September 12, 2012 at 10:20 am

Promoting Safety while allowing the drug pushers in Steinbrueck and Westlake and University ave and pine and pike corridor will not go unnoticed just becuz the mayor instructs his staff to censor concerns of citizens who are subjected to the front line over throw of community by drug dealers who rule the parks …Cops look other way cuz of the multi cultural racial makeup of those who choose to ruin peoples lives with bad drugs.The aclu undermines public safety evertime they blame cops for arresting minorities

Comment from irrelevent
Time September 12, 2012 at 10:27 am

In about 2 hours steinbrueck park will be filled with more than 20 drugpushers all fed by 1 guy sitting at corner table next to left totem pole.He is african with 5 foot dreadlocks in back.he rides a bike sometimes and usually wears glasses and sometimes a hat.The cops refuse to arrest him becuz he is black.He is about 6 foot 6 about 52 yrs old.the cops always show up in force stand there and look at their personal emails on thier cellphones for about 20 minutes then moveon to thier pre designated route..Welcome to the new 3rd world . sponsored by the bourgosie liberals of modern time.GetRidOfTheCHIef and his sympathies with the drug pushing families and culture.Kick out the mayor for accomodating the perceived sophistication of allowing durg dealers the right to make money so they can pay thier bills

Comment from biily
Time September 13, 2012 at 9:58 am

Westlake Park had 40 Homeless kids hanging around the DrugpushersYesterday, with no where to go..They hide the 20 or so drug pushers .Yesterday fights broke out !