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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

September 20, 2:14 PM click here to comment > 3

Announcing new funding for community centers and youth violence prevention

Mayor Mike McGinn today announced new investments to support at-risk youth in Seattle. The funding will allow 450 more youth to participate in the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. The mayor’s budget will also add after school and late night hours at seven different community centers, selected due to their ability to improve public safety by providing at-risk youth with additional safe outlets outside of school hours. The community centers were selected through a data-drive analysis of existing services and needs. Five of the selected community centers are already connected to existing Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative activities. The Ballard and Northgate Community Centers’ hours will expand to allow access to more late night recreational programs to teens in the north and northwest sectors of the City.

Celebrating with SYVPI Director Mariko Lockhart and the SYVPI Street Outreach team

“Protecting public safety means giving young people a safe place to socialize and services to help them succeed,” said McGinn. “With this budget we can make some targeted investments to help build safer communities.”

The mayor’s budget includes $1.68 million to expand the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. Established after an increase in gun violence in 2008, the Initiative provides youth enrolled in the program with activities, mentoring, case management, employment services, and other targeted support. The new funding will help enroll 450 more young people in the program, bringing the total enrollment to 1,500.

McGinn’s budget also includes $276,000 to add hours at Ballard, Delridge, Miller, Northgate, South Park, Van Asselt, and Yesler Community Centers. Each center will be open for 10 additional hours after school and late at night in order to serve young people. These seven centers were chosen by a data-driven analysis that included crime statistics and existing partnerships with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

McGinn will announce the complete details of his 2013-14 Proposed Budget on September 24.

Posted by: April Thomas


Comment from John Pehrson
Time September 26, 2012 at 7:50 pm

We have a homeless youth and public safety issue with Cascade Park. This was highlighted in a Cascade Neighborhood Council meeting on September 19th, attended by Seattle Police, Park Rangers and human service providers. How do we get the Cascade People’s Center and Cascade Park added to your focus on the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative?

John Pehrson

Comment from Carol Isaac
Time August 15, 2013 at 6:17 pm

Are there plans for creating part time jobs for children who need them? Training and re-eduation for employment is what it seems much of society is going through because so many have lost jobs, but on the other end of that there are hardly any jobs. Is this training going to drop these children off a cliff much like aging out of foster care does to its 18 year olds? What specifically is going to be done to the many homeless children that live around the Westlake area? Is there going to be a place they can be at least in the evenings that is safe, and something where they are safe during the nights? Can they be given jobs? I would like to see a ‘job corps’ for any youth that is not adequately supported by parents or guardians, one that gives them work they can handle. They are going to go through wasted lives if they are not helped now. Business has tunnel vision and is short sighted if all it wants to have are happy customers. It doesn’t care if the less fortunate youth are being given a chance to be healthy adults. There will always be future blowback when problems are ignored.

Comment from Carol Isaac
Time August 15, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Let me try again. Westlake does not have a community center. It has majority at-risk youth population if you just eyeball the situation. There are places that could be used downtown for youth to be outside or inside that would be just for them to have as much fun and safety as is enjoyed by the also-deserving children at the chosen community centers. I suspect there was no one to vote them a community center extended hours program because there just isn’t an address for them and any remaining care-giver they may have. They are our children too. They may be the most at-risk. And they may be the ones you wish you had helped.