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Mayor Mike McGinn left office on January 1, 2014.
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City of Seattle

August 3, 5:02 PM click here to comment > 6

19,851 potholes filled in first six months of 2011

Heavy rainfall and subfreezing temperatures last winter, combined with years of underfunding street maintenance, created a larger number of potholes than usual on our streets. The public told us that something needed to be done.

We had filled more potholes after taking office in 2010 than in 2009 under the previous administration and Council. But it was clear more had to be done. At the beginning of 2011 Mayor Mike McGinn ordered an increase in crews to fill these potholes. Instead of the usual three crews, the Seattle Department of Transportation had nine crews out filling potholes earlier this year.

The results are clear:

That’s 19,851 potholes filled in the first six months of 2011 – more than in 2009 and 2010 combined. And our crews are still hard at work.

We’ll do what it takes to get our potholes filled. If you see a pothole, report it here or call 684-ROAD. You can track the status of a repair on our pothole map.

As to street maintenance, we’re working on that too. Mayor McGinn and the City Council recently agreed to spend $3 million more this year on street repairs. And we’re looking at ways to provide more long-term funding for maintenance.

For additional coverage, Scott Gutierrez at the P-I and Michael van Baker at the SunBreak have good articles on potholes in Seattle.

Posted by: Robert Cruickshank


Comment from David Smart III
Time August 5, 2011 at 12:06 am

Thank Your Honor, Mayor of Seattle, I will take the time to thank for doing all the good things that you have done and will continue to do for the people great Seattle

We all need to start calling this;place .Seattle, WA. US A.
Hats off work for all you do for us .David Smart III wrote these words

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Time September 15, 2011 at 8:55 pm

[…] number of potholes we had this winter. So far we’ve filled more than 20,000 potholes in 2011, more than in 2009 and 2010 combined. Since the adoption of the Bicycle Master Plan four years ago, we have installed 113 miles of new […]

Comment from David Smart III
Time February 3, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Your Honor The Mayor;

I pray That the new year and the past holidays find the McGinn Family in good health and happiness. I had the opportunity of participating, in a sort of, internship in Hollywood. The entertainment top and most talented executive, artist, and economic leaders hosted me like a family member.

Your should only see the grand construction under way, building the new and improved Cedar Sinai Medical Center. The construction sites’ billboards advertise the some of the miracle cures that our Lake Union researchers have been able to develop, thanks to the givings of your City’s Billionaires.’

On your level of politics, I had a chance to help La’s Mayor, Antonio R. Villaraigosa, with his city’s “Occupy La” demonstrations. I lectured and shared good news to the crowd outside of City Hall, from a Pacific North West’s artist standpoint.

I found that the demonstrator and their efforts were contaminate and being hampered by destructive homeless drunks, and violent agent provocateurs. I also cited human hygiene issues. And privately offered solutions to the group key organizers, on how Seattle would handle such a situation.

Three days later the event was ended, and the bankers had to compromise, so I am told.

It’s more than wonderful to be back home, especially in the blue sunny warmth of this cherry weather pattern. This was a blessed 45th. Birth Day for yours truly. Thank you Sir’s.

Peace Out,

David Smart III, Your humble artist.

Comment from David Smart III
Time February 26, 2012 at 4:19 pm

On this day of, February the twenty-six, Year of our Lord Two Thousand and twelve, in Seattle, Washington U.S.A., history was written.

The John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole Project sponsored by the National Urban Indian Family Coalition, A Non-Profit Organization of Seattle, This momentous event was Sponsored and hosted by the brother of slain artist by Rick Williams, and Steve Paul.

The destination of this most anticipated Forty-two carving structure was occupied by thousands Seattleites, and visitors of the world, as well as being broadcasted and filmed.
Hatred is a species of love; however, Hatred carries dangerously high levels of passionate anti-bodies. The outcome of this occasion did not have to end on a loving note. But every chiselers blades, and every step taken, by the tribal and community members on their way to a Calvary that will hold the spirit of an artist in its shadows.

Art is the cultural recording of history. So what then do you call; reason for Seattle rain to stop, for her clouds to open, covering the audience with sun beams, silhouetted by four Eagles as the elder spoke of the great creator.

Lake Union might host the top Bio research laborites, and the neighboring Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations might take the cake when it comes to promising and giving the world what it needs. But the spoons filled with love make Pacific North Western medicine to go down in history.

Comment from David Smart III
Time June 15, 2012 at 11:45 am

Dear Mr. Mayor, did I have a great time at Supersonic Park yesterday during the festivities. Well it would seem as if Seattle loves the idea of getting a brand new arena. What are you gonna do next term instead of spending too much time and money on a term have already won?Oh I had a chance to meet some of your fine poised key people from City administration

Comment from David Smart III
Time August 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Mayor Vallaraligosa is concerned about his school chirldren. So much so that he in the business of highering for his school administrative staff, he chose a person who was priorly on the staff of the Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation. Who will be the first to express their self-awarenes that in working to listen and learn with humility they are mindful that they don’t have all the answers.

I believe the next answer woman will be none other than, Phoebe Adele Gates, Jennifer Katherine Gates.

David Smart III Hollywood, CA